Getting the right inspiration and the latest updates in the environmental space is the best way to fuel your interest in sustainability. You need to follow up on the plans and latest technology of your favorite solar installation company, how they’re making an impact, and how well the people and the government are receiving their ideas.

But, the truth is, staying updated on all of these pieces of information isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do. There’s so much going on. So, you need the help of environmental experts to stay on top of the news. And no, you don’t have to read countless research papers, many experts now use social media to create awareness to a much larger audience.

Here are five environmental activists and experts you need to have on your following list for your everyday dose of environmentalism.

Greta Thunberg

Greta a.k.a. The Joan of Arc of Climate change is a 19-year-old Swedish environmental activist who creates awareness by challenging world leaders to take action. Her passion for a greener earth began a long time ago when she cajoled her parents to reduce their own carbon footprint by adopting more intentional lifestyle choices.

In August 2018, she staged a climate school strike, the first of its kind. This line of action caught the attention of the Swedish Parliament, and this began a global movement.

Greta has received many awards and recognitions. In 2018, she was named as one of the Most Influential Teens of TIME Magazine and has appeared on the cover of many magazines, such as British GQ, Rolling Stone, i-D, and Vogue, amongst others. She was also named TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year 2019, making her the youngest to have received this award.

Isaias Hernandez

Hernandez is an Environmental Educator and the creator of QueerBrownVegan, an educational platform where he teaches new forms of environmentalism. He creates information content through graphics, videos, and visual illustrations. With these, he has built an environmentalist community of over 100,000 who are just as enthusiastic about dealing with the climate crisis as he is.

He’s also an experienced professional in environmental research, influencer marketing, customer support, and social media marketing. If you’re interested in environmental racism and zero-waste initiatives, you should follow Hernandez on social media.

Bill McKibben

Bill McKibben is an American author, journalist, and environmentalist. He wrote the first book about global warming in 1988 and has proceeded to write extensively on this topic since then.

He also co-founded and works as a Senior Advisor at, a global climate campaign functioning in over 180 countries around the world. Some of his notable awards include the Gandhi Peace Award 2013, and the Right Livelihood Award 2014, and was named one of the dozen most influential men by MSN in 2009, among other honorable mentions.

Leah Thomas

Leah Thomas is an author and environmental activist. She coined the term intersectional environmentalism and created a platform that serves as a media resource that promotes environmental education inclusivity.

She is also a wellness, sustainability, and inclusivity advocate. And the founder of Greengirlleah. Thomas has written several articles that have been published in Vogue, Youth to the People, and The Good Trade.

Ariel Schwartz

Schwartz is the Executive Director of the American online media company, Insider. She handles the parenting, essays, health, and life section of this company. Formerly, she worked as the Senior Editor at Co. Exist, a spin-off site of Fast Company, whose main focus is on ground-breaking technology, designs, and business.

It doesn’t end there, she has also contributed to other media outlets including SF Weekly, Popular Science, Triple Pundit, NBC Bay Area, Inhabitat, and GOOD Magazine. You’ll find only the most exciting green oddities and inventions in the environmental space when you follow her on Twitter.


There you go, the top five environmental experts to follow on social media. Through them, you can tap into the environmental space and get all the motivation you need to be the voice the earth needs too.

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