We live in a busy world, and it has been that way for a while. With so much on our plates, keeping in touch with our loved ones and having human connections with new people has gotten really tough.

However, with the help of social network services, which have gained even more recognition in the last few years, we now have different means of connecting to the world around us, and the people too. While some do this by gaining YouTube subscribers to expand their reach, others utilize other social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat to get closer to their family and friends, both new and old.

That said, here are the 5 major reasons social networking websites have been the people’s favorite in recent times:

1. Staying connected with family and friends

With the status update and direct messaging features, social media users can choose to passively or actively communicate with their loved ones. By updating their status/story, they can fill their loved ones in with memorable activities and achievements happening in their lives, who then communicate back by reacting to this status/story update.

Some even stay in touch by sending memes to show that they still think about each other every day without having to actively converse at length through phone calls or texts.

2. Meet new people

Social media isn’t restricted to communication with just family and friends. It exposes you to other people with whom you may or may not share likely interests. At least 4 billion people use social media today, which gives you an opportunity to connect with at least half of the global population if you’re willing.

To make it even easier, these social networking websites sometimes come with unique features that design the intent of their users. While some are designed for business, art, and other specific interests, some are more versatile and could be used for different purposes.

3. Entertainment

For some people, social networking websites are a form of entertainment. They don’t necessarily wish to communicate with anyone, they just need some form of entertainment to kill time with. And several websites offer this. With countless videos, pictures, and written texts to view, users can always entertain themselves without having to leave their houses. This especially came in handy when there was a global lockdown.

4. Works as a business tool

Businesses are now being run online with the help of social media. Since it has more than half of the world using it too, businesses have considered it a powerful tool to reach out to their existing and potential customers.

With the intricate algorithm system of social networking websites, businesses can now be exposed to a more targeted audience base when they run ads. They can also set up polls, post relatable memes, and offer their customer services to engage their customers and build a solid brand identity.

5. Job market

With thousands of businesses now building an online presence with social media, it makes it the perfect spot for skills and talents to be put on display. Many companies now get most of their recruits on social media. And it works both ways, as people also send their proposals to businesses via their social media accounts.


The internet has made social networking faster and easier. With just the use of your mobile devices, you can secure jobs, build new relationships, and access vital information from anywhere around the globe.

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