Today, video content is consumed primarily on social media. There is a growing trend to watch videos that are informative, interesting, or funny. And when a truly amazing video is posted, it is most likely to go viral. But have you ever wondered about the music or the audio clips? Yes, even music goes viral. And to the fact, now music creators are also focusing on promoting their work on social media.

Are you still missing out?

Well, the journey for both video and music is all the same. Your videos need optimization on platforms like YouTube and Spotify. With the organic Spotify plays, you can see a rise in the number of followers, and it becomes your way to gain organic growth on such social media platforms. However, social media promotion plays a crucial role in content published on any platform. So, scroll down to check out the 5 tips on How to Promote your music on Social Media to be the next rock star:

1. Show up your face

People are more interested in the artists than the artwork. Having a brand image is very important for any business, especially when it comes to personal branding. Your face can be the best image. It also helps you in winning trust and authentication. The sole reason is to build your brand yourself.

2. Share your music and visual content

Social media platforms are all about pictures and videos. Your music will always need a face and a name for people to remember. Humans have a stronger visual sense than the audio, so always give them something to remember, something that will grab their attention. The main aim behind this is to become a word of mouth.

3. Go Live

Social Media gives you a feature to go live and save the video. So, you can go live while creating your music, showing up the BTS “behind the scenes,” as your audience might be curious and would love to know how hard you work. This helps you build an emotional bond with your audience, eventually making them love you and share your work.

4. Engage with your audience

Take up questions, share your life stories, give them tasks, reply to their text or comment, add them to your even virtually and ask them for feedback and reviews. While doing all this, you engage with your audience and make them friends who will love you and share your work. When you are living, at that time, you can interact with your patrons, and this creates more engagement.

5. Make proper use of all the feature

Setting your account as the creator account, putting up stories, scheduling posts, choosing hashtags smartly, adding the post descriptions, optimizing your profile properly, using the keywords your audiences would search for, paid ads, etc., are some of the common features all the social media platforms offer you. Since every social media has its feature, make sure you check them out and make the required changes for your promotion.

Concluding thoughts

Now that you know how it is done, you can save this page and try this out with your next music launch. Since the social media algorithm is quite a trick and might take time to establish you over the platform. All you will need is a lot of patience, keep working hard to create quality content, and experiment with the new trends.

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