Social media is usually used as a way of taking a break from the hectic student routine. However, as pandemic has given rise to e-learning, social media is now mainly used as a way to communicate and share class lectures and notes among students, teachers, and even parents more effectively. It’s important to note that some students still look for an expert tutor who can accommodate their educational needs and use social media along with them as a helping tool. Therefore, if you live in the western New Territories of Hong Kong, you can easily find a professional 荃灣 補習 社 (Tsuen Wan tutor) to help make your educational journey a breeze for you.

Nevertheless, social media can help students study in a variety of better ways, and we’ve mentioned them in this article. Read below to know!

Creates a Community

You can find plenty of Facebook groups to join for entertainment purposes. However, it’s not only limited to this. The class teacher can create a Facebook group or a page specific to their class where they can share course notes, test schedules, and other informative stuff in a convenient manner.

It’s essential to keep in mind that Facebook pages are public, so anyone can like and comment on the posts, whereas Facebook groups can be restricted to requests only.

Students Can Find Plenty of Helpful Study Resources

At times, it may be hard for a student to understand a concept from their study notes. Whereas they can learn better with the help of professionals from all around the world.

Therefore, YouTube is a study hub for many students. You can find expert teachers sharing their best advice, or some YouTube channels also post conceptual videos about certain difficult topics to aid learning right at the comfort of students’ homes.

Even if there are still some queries, you can always write a comment, and the creator of the channel can help you clear up any confusion.

Helps Organize Learning Resources

As there are numerous study notes available on the internet regarding different subjects, students can accumulate them in one place. For this purpose, Pinterest and Tumblr are ideal to use.

They can create private boards on Pinterest and save all the beneficial study resources in one place. This helps them save extra time and stress while exams or necessary tests are approaching.

Moreover, such educational Pinterest boards can be shared with other class fellows as well to make the learning process a breeze for everyone.

Students Can Keep Track of Class Lectures

Thanks to the Facebook and Instagram live feature, students can now keep track of their class lectures, even if they miss one. Teachers can broadcast classes live on Facebook and Instagram, and they can also start a discussion by posting about a particular topic.

Students can share links to live videos with one another and keep themselves updated with all the class activities.

Final Thoughts

Apart from using social media for entertainment purposes, students can use it in various ways to make the learning journey easier for them. There are also many pages on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter that post educational content to aid the learning process. Students can also interact better with students from all around the world to share their knowledge.

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