57.6% of the entire world’s population uses social media as of now, and this figure is increasing with time. Every industry such as fashion, gaming, healthcare, and technology is leveraging social media, and the beauty industry is no exception. Rather than having customers visit the shops, beauty industries are showcasing and even marketing their products online. From a natural deodorant company to a luxurious designer brand, one can easily find and shop the product of their choice right at their fingertips.

Not only this, social media has shaped the beauty industry in numerous ways. Keep reading this article to know!

Social Media Has Allowed Sales all over the Globe

Gone are those days when you had to wait for someone to bring your favorite international beauty product for you or pay hefty shipping charges for a single product on the brand’s website.

You can easily find multiple sellers on social media platforms who sell authentic products to consumers in their country at a cheap price by purchasing in bulk from suppliers or using other ways.

It Has Paved Ways for New Sales Channels

You will find several beauty brands on social media that post trendy pictures or videos of their products and add their website links in order to make it convenient for a user to purchase directly from the website.

However, new features on different social media sites have made the buying process for consumers even easier. Take, Instagram and Facebook, for example. They have launched a shop feature right on their platforms that allow users to purchase directly from there with a single click without having to actually visit the website.

It Has Leveraged the Power of Influencers

On social media, you can find all sorts of influencers, from micro to macro, and they all deal in different niches. These influencers significantly impact the purchasing habits of their followers, as they have already built their trust and authority in a particular niche.

Therefore, whether it’s a newly-launched beauty brand or an internationally-recognized one, they all find beauty influencers who best match their preference. This helps them to reach out to new audiences and expand their sales worldwide.

It Has Formed a Unique Brand-Consumer Connection

Besides using social media for influencer marketing, beauty industries use it to form a connection with their customers in order to generate more loyal customers who can help their brand to expand.

Back in the day, the brand-consumer relationship was seen merely as a transactional one. However, social media is changing this. Brands now quickly reply to their customers’ queries, like their comments, post polls to know more about the likings of their customers, and even leverage user-generated content.

It Has Allowed Affordable Marketing Methods

Unlike the old days, social media allows brands to market their beauty products almost free of cost using some organic social media strategies. For instance, optimized posts and user-generated content increase your brand exposure to a new audience.

Moreover, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram paid advertisement option lets you promote your products to a demographic of your choice without having to go out of budget.

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