In today’s age, social media websites have become a mainstay for everyone. We head over to these networks not just for staying in touch with friends, family, and the people we admire but also as a way to earn money.

OnlyFans is a digital content monetization website that provides the greatest fulfillment for both of these requirements. It allows users to sign up as a content creator and sell their exclusive content to those who have subscribed to their accounts through a base monthly fee. From all sales made on their accounts, the creators retain 80%, whereas OnlyFans takes 20% as a service charge.

This article will teach you how to create an OnlyFans account and how to make money on OnlyFans.

Getting Started with OnlyFans

Without further ado, let’s begin your journey as a creator on the OnlyFans. The critical elements to consider beforehand are the type of content you plan to produce and your monthly pricing model.

Regardless of the type of content you wish to promote and sell, you will find no shortage of followers. OnlyFans is home to a variety of different artists including, but not limited to:

  • Photographers
  • Influencers
  • Adult Entertainers
  • Fashion Bloggers
  • Athletes
  • Musicians
  • Models
  • Gamers
  • Chefs/ Food Enthusiasts
  • Makeup Artists
  • Travelers

…. and many more.

On every creator’s profile are tabs for:

  • Posts: A compilation of your photos, videos, audios, statuses, and stories are present.
  • Photos: A tab exclusively for the pictures you have posted.
  • Videos: A tab exclusively for the videos you have uploaded.
  • Audios: A tab exclusively for the audio recordings you have made available.
  • Likes: The cumulation of likes that all of your posts have generated shows here. Also, your fans can view your posts which they have liked.
  • Fans: The number of people who follow and have subscribed to your account is displayed here. The IDs and usernames of fans are not available, however.

To make money as a creator on OnlyFans, you must be aged 18 years or more.

What is OnlyFans

Before we dive into starting an OnlyFans profile and how to make money on OnlyFans, we need to answer the popular question, “how does OnlyFans work?” The website incorporates a simple yet intuitive design that contains a wealth of benefits for content creators.

These include the ability to:

Status Updates

It allows you to post messages as updates on your status.

Attach Media

It allows you to post multiple pictures to your feed, along with captions. You can even upload multiple videos.

Record and Upload Audio

It allows you to record voice notes and upload them as audio tracks.

Create a Poll

You will have the ability to conduct a poll and gain insight from your followers regarding which option they prefer about a particular topic. After deciding the subject/question of the poll and providing options for the audience to choose, you can select a time duration and update the post. Followers can cast their votes by choosing from the options provided until the time limit expires.

Determine the Time Your Posts are Available for Viewing

For certain posts, you have the power to set a time limit after which they disappear (similar to stories). If you do not want your posts to be deleted, you can always opt to display them indefinitely.

Schedule Posts

Select a time for when your post will be published. This can be effective in helping you gain maximum interactions at optimal times.

Decide Your Post’s Price

You can even set certain posts behind a paywall. This feature is only available for accounts that have no subscription fee.

Photos, videos, and audios can be locked, and users will have to pay the price listed to unlock and view those posts. To put your post behind the paywall, head over to the post creation tab, then add your desired media, select the dollar symbol, set the price you wish, and submit the post.

It makes sense to have two separate accounts on OnlyFans; one free and one premium. The first account would be used to post mostly free content, which will attract people to your premium account. The premium account would feature exclusive content only accessible by subscribing through a monthly fee.

Engage Subscribers With Live Streaming

Announce a day and time on which you will conduct a live stream exclusively for subscribers. This will provide a way to interact and engage with fans to keep them hooked on your content. You can choose to upload the stream as a video, later on, to cater to fans who weren’t able to attend it live. The live stream can range from you speaking about your day or answering questions from your followers.

Upload Stories

Like every other social media website, OnlyFans allows you to post photos and videos as stories that disappear after a day. You can even choose to post a story highlighted that will show on your account as long as you don’t delete it.

Get Tips

You can get direct tips from your fans, in addition to the monthly subscription rates, as compensation for custom content.

Send Direct Messages

You can chat 1 on 1 with creators and followers on OnlyFans through an end-to-end encrypted messaging feature. Payments and tips can also be sent in direct messages.

How to Make an OnlyFans Account

The creator registration process on OnlyFans is secure yet straightforward. Visit the OnlyFans website and choose the option to register for an OnlyFans account. This can be done through email or using your Twitter credentials.

After entering your email and choosing a password, add your display name and complete the sign-up process by agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of OnlyFans. After your account has been created, you are free to edit your profile to your liking.

How to Edit Your Profile

Creating a unique username would be a good starting point to begin your journey. The username will be part of the profile URL, so think of a catchy title that will be easy for people to remember if they want to search for your account.

Following this, add a profile picture and cover photo to bring your account to life. These images should preferably center around the type of content you produce.

The price tag can only be edited once you provide your bank account details and confirm your age through ID verification. You can do this by going to the bank account adding option.

The About option allows you to add a short description for fans to get a glimpse of what your account is all about. It is a good idea to add website links, location, wish lists, and link your other socials in this portion.

Once the editing process is complete, save the changes, and your account is all set up and ready to go.

Add a Bank Account to Earn Money

Before you can start earning through OnlyFans, you will have to provide your private information to be reviewed. Within 72 hours, you will get approval from OnlyFans, and now you can go ahead with submitting your bank and financial details. To do this, go to the “My profile” option at the top of the website (right side) and add your bank information from the sidebar.

On the redirected page, you will have to choose the country of your origin and confirm your age.

The necessary personal details which you will need to provide on the following page will be:

  • Your name (first and last)
  • Home Address
  • City
  • Zip or Postal Code
  • Birth Date

Next, you’ll be asked to submit a government-authorized ID document or verification. This can be in the form of a passport, government-issued identity card, or driving license. In the next step, you will need to submit a picture where you’re holding your identity proof alongside your face. Ensure that the ID picture you upload has a file size of under 5MB; otherwise, it will not accept the file due to its large size. Use a compress tool to reduce the size of your file to meet the required conditions.

For the last part of verification, you’ll need to state the date when your ID will expire or state that your card does not mention any expiry date. You also have to click the option for “Explicit Content” if your posts are centered around adult content.

Finally, you can now send your ID for approval which can take 24 to 72 hours.

Now comes the step to add bank account details and decide a price for your account. Upon approval of your personal information, you can go to your profile option and then choose the adding bank option, which will redirect you to a banking information section.

The original payment method is set as a Direct Transfer (OCT) via a Visa Card. The OCT system allows for a quicker and inexpensive bank transfer process. Under the default option, there will be an option to receive payouts through other methods, which, for now, is only limited to cross-country transfer with SWIFT. SWIFT has a longer withdrawal process than OCT and only allows withdrawals after an account has accumulated $200 per transfer. The OCT method, however, can be used with Visa Cards alone.

Once your bank details are finalized, save your payment details, and your payouts are all set up.

How to Set a Subscription Fee

After your OnlyFans profile is registered and your financial information is verified, it is now time to set a monthly fee for your subscribers.

For this, you will have to visit the “My Profile” page on the website and choose the profile editing option. From there, you can set the price for your account. The default pricing is set as $0. The minimal price creators can charge per month is set to $4.99.

The amount you decide to charge will depend on a number of factors, such as how frequently you plan to post, your number of followers, and the type of content on offer. For a beginner, it is advisable to begin with a pricing model ranging from $10 – $15 per month. In addition to this, $6 – $8 per month should be spent on running promotions on the website.

Over time, you will be able to take more calculated decisions regarding pricing after observing a trend of followers and how much they pay on average for your content per month. A low subscription fee is likely to reel in more subscribers. Even the top creators on OnlyFans often charge low subscription fees, so don’t let that deter you. However, once you reach your desired goal, don’t be afraid of raising prices according to your posts’ quality. If it takes longer to produce your content or if you post often, then a higher subscription price can be justified.

Achieving the right balance between making your account cost-effective for consumers while generating an income worth continuing to create content is key. The 20% fee OnlyFans charges need to be taken into account regarding all pricing decisions.

How to Generate Income on OnlyFans

After your OnlyFans profile is up and running, now comes the important part: making money on OnlyFans. The entirety of your earnings will be determined by your fans, so it is vital to take their needs and wants into consideration.

To get more fans and keep existing fans subscribed and paying, you will need to post frequently and ensure that there is enough content on your profile. Fortunately, OnlyFans offers many content uploading choices (photos, videos, stories, audios, PDF, etc.).

There are also a plethora of ways to earn money on the platform aside from monthly subscriptions. Read on to find detailed information.

Request Tips From Your Fans

OnlyFans users can send additional tips to creators. This can be done through the dollar ($) sign below your posts. You can even get tips via direct messages. In case you are frequently posting or it is taking you a high cost to roll out your best content to fans, don’t be hesitant about requesting tips. After all, they are subscribed to you because they like your content in the first place.

Monetize Your Custom Content by Using the Tips and Pay Per View Messages

In exchanges for tips, you can also create custom content for your fans which will validate their decision to pay extra. Custom content could be digital or in the form of physical goods, and some of the items which could be sold in this way are:

  • Your merchandise such as T-shirts with your logo or name.
  • Lucky draws and raffles.
  • Meal and workout plans.
  • Cookbooks.
  • Video game guides, walkthroughs, and cheats.
  • Exclusive tips and tricks on fashion and how to dress like a celebrity.
  • Custom videos in which you are performing an action or activity requested by your followers.
  • Items you own which fans are interested in obtaining.

When selling items on OnlyFans, you should prepare a menu for your tips in which you list the items you are offering and how much tip fee you are charging for that item. Pin this menu on the top of your profile page to make it easily available for fans and request fans to send you a message alongside their tip for which item they wish to buy, so it is easier to keep track and double-check.

You can pin your tip menu on your OnlyFans profile by posting it as a status on a regular post. Then click settings and choose the “Pin to your profile page” option.

If the product is a digital one, then keep it in a specific folder on your computer so that you can find it without wasting time and send it to fans when they tip. Fans will be inclined to make repeated purchases if you dispatch content quickly.

For tangible goods, try to sell smaller, lighter products rather than heavier, bulkier ones that will take longer to reach. Send a tracking code to your fans as proof that you have dispatched their product to provide legitimacy.

Upload Your Most Exclusive Posts

OnlyFans contains a large-scale messaging option that allows users to post a video or photo to their fans as a message rather than needing to post it on their feed. Given that the post sent on the message is not your feed content, only your existing subscribers can view it, thus adding exclusivity. This strategy can increase subscribers as you can promote on your other social media networks about sending exclusive content only to subscribed members.

Even if a subscriber is not active during the period when you use the mass messaging option, they will still receive it in their inbox and access it once they log back into their account. In this way, no subscribers will miss the chance to see your exclusive content.

As fans are paying extra to view exclusive content that you post, it is essential to interact with them to keep them happy so that they come back for more.

OnlyFans Messages and Locked Posts

Another effective way to increase your OnlyFans revenue is by pushing out pay-per-view messages to your followers. PPV messages are locked behind a paywall, and only those fans who pay the stated amount for it can access them. Through this, you can transmit pictures, albums, audios, and videos that you price lock. You can charge a minimal price of three dollars.

PPV messages can also be sent individually to specific subscribers. This can be done when sending custom photos or videos that the subscriber can then unlock after paying the required amount.

If you want to send pay-per-view messages on OnlyFans, choose the envelope sign at the top; this will redirect you to the page where you can start a chat. There you will have to click on “New Message,” check the “All Subscribers” option and proceed to the next step.

Write a message alongside the picture or video you wish to send, and then head over to the pricing page to input the media price. After pressing the “Send” button, you will be done.

Your recipients will then preview the pay-per-view content, such as a blurred image for a photo, the number of pictures for an album, or the video length in the case of a video file. The price required to unlock will also be displayed to them.

Keep in mind that you can even monetize your posts by putting price tags on them in case your account is free and does not require a subscription fee.

Useful OnlyFans Tips and Tricks

Just like any new beginning, starting off your OnlyFans career can seem daunting and nerve-wracking. Have no fear. We have compiled some of the most useful OnlyFans tips and tricks to give you success on your new adventure:

  • Add a domain link to your account: The domain refers to a website link that users can use to visit a website. It would be wise to buy a URL to redirect your OnlyFans profile, so it becomes easier for users to locate your account.
  • Watermark your content: For all of the content, you create and distribute, be sure to use a watermark. A watermark refers to a message which is pasted into the corner of a picture or video and is usually done to show the original artist’s signature on the media. Your watermark will be the URL, username, or account title of your OnlyFans profile. By putting a watermark, you will prove that the content you provide is original and authentic. It can also help you recover it if it falls into the wrong hands or is spread to a website where it shouldn’t be.
  • Keep your fans engaged: Regularly interact with your followers who message you or comment on your posts. Engaging with subscribers makes them feel validated and cared for. If your fans feel satisfied that they’re in your mind, they will continue subscribing to you and tipping you.
  • Consistency is key: Upload content regularly because if your account is inactive for long periods and recent posts come out later than fans’ liking, your fans will get bored and unsubscribe to your account. A balanced update period is every two days, though the top content creators often post daily. The post does not always need to be groundbreaking or extraordinary; just a simple status update or even a question to your fans will suffice at times. Once subscribers see that you are alive and well and posting frequently, they will feel that they are getting their money’s worth.
  • Set your content for publishing: In order to not tire yourself out, be sure to create extra content in beforehand and set it for publishing as a post at a later date. This ensures that your feed is active and engaging at all times. By doing so, you can still keep your audience satisfied on busy days or when you’re unable to roll out new content. Scheduling is also efficient to keep your audience entertained. While the scheduled posts are being uploaded, you’re free to utilize the free time on your hands to create more content for later use. This way, you can work smarter and keep your feed active at the same time. Scheduled posts can be made for multiple media types, including photo, video, audio, and status updates.
  • Patience is a virtue: OnlyFans is a long-term commitment and something that can make you rich overnight. It is sporadic for accounts to instantly be successful and profitable. For this reason, you must be patient and consider your account similar to a startup business that can reap dividends in the future.
  • Customize your welcome note: Ensure that a pre-recorded welcome message is sent every time a new fan becomes your subscriber. To activate this option, head over to account settings, then in the “Chats” section, choose the welcome message option for new fans. Now create a new welcome message or upload one which you may have recorded previously. This will now be automatically sent to new fans once they sign up for monthly subscriptions. Now press the “Save” button to complete the process.A welcome message would be good in the form of a video in which you thank users for subscribing to your account. It will also provide an insight into your account and show how much you care about your fans.
  • Make a marketing video: A sizzle reel is a brief marketing video with a length of one or two minutes that showcases the best bits of your account and content. Such a video helps bring out your account’s best work to fans and shows them the quality of material you have stored for them. The sizzle reel can also be pinned to your profile’s top section.
  • Take note of suggestions and feedback: Always request feedback from your audience and consider their suggestions as they are the ones consuming your content. The purpose of your account is to satisfy their wants. Creating an FAQ portion or post on your profile would also be beneficial as it would describe previously answered questions for more recent subscribers.
  • Put the OnlyFans sign on your home page (for iPhones): If you possess an iPhone, you must add the OnlyFans app icon to your home screen for convenience. This will allow you to open OnlyFans without having to open your browser first. To do this, first, visit the OnlyFans website in your mobile browser and then select the share menu from the bottom of your screen. You can now add it to your home page and from there, it will be accessible directly from your home screen.

How to Promote OnlyFans

Now that your content is decided, the account is set up, and banking details have been entered, it’s time to market your presence on OnlyFans and draw more followers. There are multiple ways to achieve this, such as:

Promotional Campaigns

You can run promotions on the OnlyFans website itself by giving your subscribers access to your content at a discounted monthly rate. You can time how long the promotion will be valid or schedule it for expiration after meeting your desired subscriber goal through that campaign. You even get the choice to give your fans free access to your content for a limited time.

The plus side about running discounted promotions is that it entices fans into purchasing a subscription of your account at a lower cost, with the option to not renew if they aren’t impressed. However, this is a risk worth taking because, should it pay off, it will lead to you gaining loyal subscribers willing to pay the regular subscription rate even after the offer expires. This can show your followers that a higher subscription price for your account is justified.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is the most effective marketing tool to get your OnlyFans profile on the map. Include your OnlyFans URL in your bios for other social media websites so people can look it up when they visit your profile. Promote limited-time offers and exclusive content for your account on these websites where you know people willing to consume your content. Some of the most popular social media websites are stated which will help promote your account are given below, along with details on how to successfully market on them:

Promote Your OnlyFans Content With Snapchat

One of the most used social media apps of the last decade has been the trend-setting Snapchat. Even to this day, Snapchat contains a large population of regular users, which makes it a great platform to prompt your OnlyFans profile and content.

On Snapchat, search for popular accounts, ideally, those who have a fanbase that may like your content and request their aid in promoting your account to their followers.

After selecting one or more influencers, you can request them for screenshots of their analytics. This step is crucial as:

  • You will determine the number of views per story these influencers got.
  • You can check out how often and for how long other Snapchat users viewed their profile over the past week and month.
  • The breakdown of viewers of the stories will be available. So will their demographic information such as gender, age group, region, etc.

Only Snapchat users who have a large following will be able to have Insights available to them, so ideally, you will need to ask Insights from a profile that has garnered a minimum of one million views during the past month. This is a great number for marketing your OnlyFans profile and content. The more viewers you have for your promotions, the more people will be aware of your OnlyFans account, which will result in a greater increase in subscribers.

The common rate of conversion for online marketing is typically around 2%. Through this figure, you can estimate and predict the influx of subscribers that you’re likely to gain from your online promotion campaign via your chosen influencer and their insights.

Promote Your OnlyFans With Reddit

Reddit comprises a combined network of communities based on people’s interests. It is another social media website on which you can effectively market your OnlyFans content and account.

On Reddit, some subreddits are forums centered on specific topics of discussion. After registering a Reddit account, try and find a subreddit that matches your content niche. Join these subreddits and use them as a forum to promote your OnlyFans account as the members in that subreddit will already be interested in your content.

It is a good idea to promote your OnlyFans profile and content on many different but relevant subreddits to boost your reach and diversify your fanbase.

Stay aware of the subreddit rules before deciding to promote your account, as some subreddits don’t allow promotions.

The hyperlinks within Reddit content pieces are non-clickable. A person would have to copy-paste that link into another tab to access it, which is a hassle people generally avoid. Due to this, you must attach your OnlyFans profile link in the comments section of the post promoting your account.

Reddit is a great platform to promote your account. The platform’s users are always interested in finding new content. Creators, influencers, gaming enthusiasts, and those who produce adult content, and generally, most OnlyFans users can thrive on this website.

Capitalize on Your Social Profiles

Even on your other social accounts such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc., should be used for the promotion of your OnlyFans account. Do note that if your content is centered around nudity, you will not be allowed to post this on some platform due to their strict user rules.


Instagram is a social media website that has gained immense popularity in the last few years, and it is the best platform to promote your merchandise or content. These days, Instagram organic growth services, for instance, SimplyGram have become even more popular for attracting more followers to your Instagram account. Post stories, videos, and photosets with your content and add links that redirect users to your profile on OnlyFans. Link your account in your bio and whenever you post, make sure to tell your followers to go to the link in your bio.

In the event that your profile is populated with adult content, make it certain that your posts don’t have nakedness. You could blur out the nudity in your content or even place emojis over the content that contains nudity to cover it up. Posting nudity on Instagram can get your account suspended.


Twitter has existed since 2006 and is still as widely used as ever. Link and connect your Twitter account to your OnlyFans account so that whenever you post something, it is immediately shared with your followers.

Retweet your tweets to remind your followers to subscribe to your account and gain help from big accounts, and request them to retweet your posts to their followers to increase reach. Post frequently on Twitter, even if it is just a preview of a post you uploaded on your OnlyFans account.

Twitter has relaxed rules when it comes to posting explicit content and nudity, so if you are an adult content creator, you will be able to show off previews of your work on this platform without the risk of getting a ban.


The biggest video-sharing platform on the internet is, without a doubt, YouTube. Suppose your line of work focuses more on creating videos for people. In that case, it is recommended to have a Youtube channel to promote your OnlyFans account. The YouTube account can also act as a preview for the videos you post on your OnlyFans account. If your followers are hooked on your videos, they will be curious about more unique content. You can work in collaboration with other YouTuber content creators to promote each other’s OnlyFans accounts.

Make sure your YouTube channel also contains content similar to what you post on OnlyFans. When posting videos on YouTube, redirect the viewers to your OnlyFans account by putting the link in your videos’ description and raising attention through subtle hints.

Collaborate With Other Creators on OnlyFans

Partner up with other digital content creators and influencers on OnlyFans who share content similar to yours. Using this strategy, both of you can promote each other’s accounts to followers who will likely be interested in both accounts.

You could both agree to promote each other’s accounts in exchange for promotions. Or you could tip creators in return for marketing your profile to their fans.


OnlyFans is an excellent digital content monetization platform. If you’re a digital content creator, you can use OnlyFans to earn a steady income with nothing but an idea and a few smart moves. It is a flourishing market where content consumers are always on the lookout for valuable, entertaining, and exclusive content.

The platform is only expected to see huge growth in the future. By using the methods, steps, and tips given in this guide, you can become a popular OnlyFans creator in no time, establish a brand for yourself, and earn money.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to OnlyFans, create your account, and start building your audience.

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