OnlyFans might be one of the newest platforms, but it can bring its users thousands of dollars. If you’re interested in making an income from the network, you have to learn the rules and tricks of effective promotion. Whether you’re at the beginning of your journey with the platform or trying to score large amounts of followers, you’ve come to the right place. Even complete beginners will understand this guide and learn how to promote OnlyFans with and without social media.

Why Is OnlyFans So Popular?

OnlyFans is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms of all time. With over 50 million active users, the network is quite unique because it promotes adult content. Not many other platforms offer this type of content, so it became an instant success when it appeared. OnlyFans is a fantastic marketing platform, especially if you have the right promotion strategies.

If you’re looking to make extra money and become a successful adult creator, there’s a lot of work ahead of you. The highest earners on the platform make huge amounts, and if you’re dedicated and follow the trends, you can make significant money on OnlyFans. Another thing people love is that they can hide their real identity and present a completely different persona.

Where To Promote Your OnlyFans Account?

Where to promote OnlyFans? Although this platform doesn’t need an introduction, many people are still not aware of the marketing possibilities it offers. If you want to get more followers on OnlyFans, you must consider cross-promotion.

Adding other social media sites to your marketing strategy is one of the smartest things you can do. Your faithful social media followers will go everywhere you do, and they might even decide to take a peek into your exclusive content on OnlyFans. In addition, you can create an even bigger community space by giving your followers on other social media networks a look into your private life and tickle their imagination. Although these platforms are pretty restrictive, they can work very well when synced with OnlyFans.


Instagram is an excellent marketing tool if you use it right. Although strict, it can still be a perfect way to drive traffic to your OnlyFans account and attract loyal followers. If you decide to take this route, you have to be very careful not to go against the platform’s rules and only post quality content without nudity.

Start by sharing your OnlyFans account with your Instagram followers. Let them know that you have one, and they should join you. Next, you can start sharing images without indecent nudity and words. However, it should still capture the attention of your target audience and give you the chance to convince them why they should follow you on OnlyFans. Remember that you should always opt for high-quality content that offers value and is visually pleasing.

The caption should also be well-thought-of, without rude words, but on-brand with the photo. You should also include a call-to-action and invite your dedicated followers also to check out your OnlyFans profile.

Although previously it was slightly easier to add your OnlyFans account to your Instagram bio, it’s getting harder as time goes by. However, you can still add the link, but the chances are it will be removed, and you can be banned from the platform. The good news is that you can use a joined link where you’ll add all your other social handles. Various programs can help you do that, and it will be pretty helpful for your social media profiles in one spot.


Do you have a Reddit profile? If you do, this is one of the best spots to find potential subscribers. Reddit is much more flexible with the type of content you can post, so why not give it a try? One of the best things is that many subreddits are dedicated to OnlyFans, sharing posts, growing followers, etc.

You can focus only on the subreddits that include explicit content and promote your work there. It’s much easier to post pictures and videos in groups that allow it, plus you can increase your numbers. So, how to promote OnlyFans on Reddit? By creating quality content that you share in the appropriate subreddits, especially groups with active creators that will follow you and engage with your content.


Both content creators and users are obsessed with TikTok. This fun app is everywhere you turn and is used to create the craziest digital products. Although TikTok is generally seen as an app for the younger audience, it’s becoming a go-to place for everyone who can create amazing content. So, no matter your age, you can turn to this platform to get more followers on OnlyFans.

But, how will you do that? TikTok is known for its crazy engagement rates, so each time you post something about your OnlyFans account, people will want to see what you have to offer. The short videos on the app will help you share snippets of your real life, behind-the-scenes moments, tutorials about how you create your content.


How to promote OnlyFans on Twitter? If you want to bring your Twitter followers to OnlyFans, you should follow a few simple tips. First of all, Twitter is much more relaxed when it comes to sharing any type of content. Of course, this won’t be the explicit content you share on OnlyFans, but there’s no need to be as careful as on TikTok or Instagram. Instead, you should optimize the post and include the main keywords.

Considering that Twitter is more forgiving with content, adult content creators can share their favorite snaps that tease the OnlyFans content via images, videos, etc. The goal is to get more retweets; that’s why you should include keywords, hashtags, find the right time to post, and an ideal audience. You can even connect several social network accounts, including Facebook or Instagram, and share the content simultaneously.

The next step of a successful content strategy is to add a link to your profile in your bio. This is the first thing your profile visitors will see, together with the pinned Tweet. So you can probably already guess that you can also link your OnlyFans in the pinned Tweet. It’s the best spot to offer potential OnlyFans subscribers a discount or special deals.


YouTube and OnlyFans are two similar platforms, and merging them can be the perfect solution. First of all, OnlyFans isn’t only about nude content. So many creators don’t post provocative or adult videos and photos, and they still have a strong online presence and an extensive fan base. If you think that your content is suitable for YouTube, we recommend merging the two channels and using them simultaneously. All your YouTube subscribers can potentially become OnlyFans subscribers. Remember to add a link to your OnlyFans profile in the YouTube bio and remind your viewers to check it out. Another great idea is to use YouTube videos to show more about the process of creating content for OnlyFans.


Snapchat is another powerful tool to use because it’s making a huge comeback. If you use the premium version of Snapchat, you can add links to your OnlyFans and invite your followers to check out your content. The stories are gone within seconds, so you can even do on-brand content with fun captions. Just relax and watch your subscription rate go sky high.

How to promote OnlyFans without social media? If you don’t want to put all your other networks to display, you can try a few other tricks. First, you can start by offering discounts on subscriptions and different bundles. People love it when they can score a great deal, and you can start doing this OnlyFans Promotion once a month.

Next, you should consider collaborating with other users. Since the content will be available on both profiles, the potential audience that you’ll reach will be much broader. There are no rules when it comes to whom you should collaborate with. It can be with someone with content similar to yours or a person with a completely different audience. Either way, collaborations are a valuable resource of information and new subscribers.

Email marketing is another trick you should try. You can connect your account with your website or start a newsletter. Emails are captivating and force people to take action, meaning that more and more people will consider subscribing to your account and following you.


Where to promote OnlyFans? Other social platforms are an excellent place to start. All you need is a detailed content plan and smart marketing moves. After crafting exceptional content, you can connect your account with Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Snapchat. Reddit is another great platform because it’s not restrictive at all, plus offers numerous subreddits where the only topics of conversation are OnlyFans, subscriptions, and followers. You can also do extra work outside social media and offer discounts on subscription fees, try collaborations, and release a newsletter.

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