Before we discuss sites like OnlyFans as alternative sites for OnlyFans, let us first discuss what OnlyFans is. OnlyFans is a London-based website that offers a content subscription service that lets the fans enjoy exclusive, private content from OnlyFans content creators for a fee. Fees are paid for monthly subscriptions to a creator, buying videos or pictures, or messaging these OnlyFans creators for requests that creators will charge you for.

Because of OnlyFans being a private environment that makes exclusive content available only through a paywall, the site has become a secure place for selling adult content for whoever wants to be an OnlyFans content creator. IMYMf seen objectively, is a much safer option compared to any free adult site because of how OnlyFans is designed to be accessible to adults with a credit card.

This privacy and the allure of earning lots of money attracted a lot of people to have an OnlyFans account. Celebrities from social media platforms, adult industry stars, and the common sex worker all saw a safe, relatively easy, and lucrative way of making a living. OnlyFans has invented the adult influencer profession.

OnlyFans partake in 20% of any transaction conducted on their site which is fair enough for anyone making a living through sexual content that adult performers can create in the comfort and safety of their own homes.

Why is it Time to Find Alternatives to OnlyFans?

Why is there the need to find alternative platforms for Only fans? It is because of the impending “2021 planned porn ban.” OnlyFans announced that by October 1 of 2021, they are to impose a ban on adult content containing sexually explicit content. This caused such a stir with creators and consumers of OnlyFans that widespread backlash made the site think twice. OnlyFans later retracted their plans to impose the porn ban and declared that explicit adult content would be permitted on the site indefinitely.

Creators and their fan base who are bent on selling and buying sexually explicit content should be one step ahead, though. If the looming ban threatens the adult creators’ ability to earn money, then finding alternative platforms to OnlyFans should be of utmost priority.

OnlyFans and their Plans

All these plans to ban sexually explicit content are currently at an indeterminate standstill, but who’s to say that the planned porn ban would not finally push through? If this happens, all OnlyFans sex bloggers would lose a huge part if not all of their revenue streams. Could the same be said for OnlyFans? What else would they be if not being known for being the most popular adult blogging platform? This supposed 2021 planned porn ban will ruin OnlyFans. Or will it?

OnlyFans has grown in popularity in the last few years that the site has attracted bigger celebrities to their roster of content creators. Cardi B, Bella Thorne, Tyga, Blac Chyna, Jem Wolfie, and Mia Khalifa are a few of the biggest celebrities the site has attracted to sign up to start a new OnlyFans social media account. These stars who are also hugely popular beyond OnlyFans have in turn attracted companies that want to offer bigger financial backing for OnlyFans through ads. Sexually explicit material doesn’t sit well with these bigger brands and these companies and other potential advertisers have created pressure for OnlyFans to clean up its act to make its space more conducive to host bigger advertisers that the site has never seen before.

If OnlyFans CEO and founder Tim Stokely’s vision for the website is to be followed, they never planned to be known to be the inventors of sex blogging, anyway.

Top 10 OnlyFans Alternatives for Soon to be Displaced Sex Bloggers

It seems more likely that OnlyFans will favor a more wholesome image. If you are a content creator or consumer who has gotten comfortable with selling and buying your sexy fix on OnlyFans, then it would be smart to find an OnlyFans alternative as soon as possible.

Adult content creators will naturally ask; “are there other sites like OnlyFans to make money off of out there?” Thankfully for these creators, there are quite a lot of them. These sites may not at the moment be as fertile and financially rewarding as the hugely popular OnlyFans, but as this transitional period passes, everything will eventually stabilize and sites similar to OnlyFans will get the popularity that adult creators greatly need.

Here is a list of the Top 10 OnlyFans Alternatives for Adult Performers:

1. Patreon

This is one of the more popular websites on this list and one of the better apps like OnlyFans. Patreon is an American content membership platform made popular by founder, CEO, and indie rock group Pomplamoose leader Jack Conte in 2013. Patreon is more popular with musicians initially and the platform has gained its initial momentum through YouTube content creators who also promote to their viewers their Patreon accounts for exclusive, behind-the-scenes content. Patreon has since then transcended YouTube and music that most of the biggest social media influencers across all platforms have a Patreon for their more loyal following or Patrons as they are known on Patreon.

Patreon promotes the idea that Patreon is a venue for content creators and patrons to collaborate by sharing the creative process to create the next content everyone wants. Patrons can suggest which songs a musician creator can cover, what blog post a blogger can tackle, or what places a travel vlogger can go to, and so on.

OnlyFans vs Patreon

In essence, These 2 content-sharing platforms are the same. Patreon patrons and OnlyFans fans get access to exclusive content through subscription options that are behind a paywall. The user experience may vary but the objectives of creators and their patrons will also be the same with the OnlyFans experience in a lot of ways.

If it seems that Patreon doesn’t mind adult industry clients on their site, then bringing your wares over to Patreon will be a wise thing to do.

2. iFans

iFans and their creators are ready for the OnlyFans porn ban fallout that iFans is viewed as one of the top alternatives to adult creators that want a home after they leave OnlyFans. iFans is expected to blow up soon for it has made changes to itself to smoothly incorporate all the adult creators that will be leaving OnlyFans.

Upon visiting their site, iFans feels like another Patreon, but better equipped to tackle the needs of an adult content blogger. The first words you will read are to monetize your network and influence; which seems to be the goal for these content membership platforms. iFans gives you the ability to make all your exclusive content of customized videos, live streams, and 1:1 direct messaging with your following behind a paywall.

Unique iFans features include a No Earning Cap that does not set a limit to how much you can earn. iFans Live is another unique feature that lets you do live streams with a streaming option to stream to the whole site, stream to subscribers only, or stream 1 on 1 on video chat.

iFans is a promising platform with great features. They seem to have all their ducks in a row and are ready for the next best thing in adult influencer media. Only time will tell, but we think iFans will do well in the adult content game.

3. Fancentro

If you don’t mind that you only get to keep 75% of all your earnings as compared to the usual 80% or higher in other platforms, then it’s all good. We understand that the fanbase that Fancentro brings are very generous tippers, anyway, so that should more than makeup for the income cut Fancentro imposes.

Fancentro permits 4/20 content and they will even help you migrate your OnlyFans content to the Fancentro website. Isn’t that very convenient? Fancentro also has a 10% referral program and an active affiliate program, and a success-coaching program.

4.  Just For Fans (JFF)

Just For Fans dub themselves the Ultimate Adult Blogging Platform and Marketplace and are a testament to how the porn industry can also adapt to the hottest trends in their craft. Just For Fans was founded by Dominic Ford, a famous gay adult actor who had the vision of giving fellow adult stars 100% control of their careers. The site lets you keep a 70% commission of everything you sell through a paywall like individual videos, pictures, or private chat requests. Adult creators already on the site seem to prefer Just For Fans because it is easy to use and correspondence with the site admin and owners is very accessible.

5. Fangage

With Fangage, fans can unlock exclusive content both free and paid much like every website on this page. Although Fangage targets musicians as their primary content creator clientele, being a paid content membership platform makes Fangage a possible place adult content creators can settle in to.

Unique features Fangage boasts of include a way for creators to customize your page to a look and feel that is consistent with your branding. They also gather your fanbase’s data so you could connect with them through direct message, email, or text.

6. Unlockd

Unlocked looks like an enticing place to settle in with the site claiming to have 646 thousand active fans, 38 thousand stars as content creators, 195 thousand individual clips of videos and pictures, and over 22 million dollars paid out to content creators on the platform. Right off the bat, Unlockd impresses with their statistics but take these statistics with a grain of salt. The website is a very young website and these stats can be posted on their home page just to take advantage of the OnlyFans fallout and may not be a hundred percent truthful. Nonetheless, their membership content is very real and they have a lot of standard features that should be present in a service such as theirs. What adult content creators must know is that Unlockd’s service is a dedicated site to adult creators who want to meet their fans’ demand for exclusive video content and exclusive video hosting 100% judgment-free, according to them. No kinks are too kinky, the site says, and that consumers and creators will have a stable, permanent home that will not surprise ban explicit stuff one day.

7. AVN Stars

AVN Stars is hardcore porn in a content membership form. The AVN roster of adult creators includes a lot of the hardcore porn actors but what sets their roster apart is that the top earners of the AVN website are all Femdom and Findom models. If your adult content falls under these categories, then AVN Stars may just be the home you are looking for. If you suddenly feel that your career should take a turn towards the femdom or findom direction, then you could just be the next big AVN star.

8. AdmireMe.VIP

Admireme.VIP is a more Europe-centric service that caters to VIPS (adult creators) and their admirers (fans/consumers). This content membership platform caters to the more European tastes and if you are in the area, your content might just be at home at Admireme.VIP

9. LoyalFans

One of the cleaner content membership platforms of this list, LoyalFans cater to clients that want a monetizable fanbase on their platform; musicians, actors, influencers, and the like. They do not discourage adult content, so adult creators might just find a home in LoyalFans’ internet space.

10. MYM

MYM has branded itself as a private social network that lets you keep 75% from subscriptions, 80% from private media, and 90% from tips you receive from fans, and these going rates are among the highest among the competition. Features they lack are no live streaming, no content teasers.

Pick One and Run With it!

Pick the best site that fits your needs and commit to it. Now that you know that there are other OnlyFans alternatives, nothing is stopping you from being successful in the adult content creation world.


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