Working as a social media influencer gives you the freedom that you can’t get from your 9-to-5 job. As an influencer, you’re your own boss, and you also get to earn money doing something you love.

But we all know quitting your job to enjoy the professional independence that comes with being an influencer isn’t easy.

Further, we can’t ignore the impact the change from being a salaried employee to being self-employed will have on your life.

For instance, you may now need to show proof of income for self-employed if you want to borrow a personal loan. Besides, you’ll no longer be entitled to health insurance and other benefits that your job provides.

This is why you need to have a realistic plan on how you’ll become a successful influencer once you decide to throw caution to the wind and quit being employed.

And to help you land on your feet, here are a few things you need to know before you quit your job to become a social media influencer.

1. Do Your Homework

Before you become an influencer, you need to do some research first.

For instance, you need to identify a niche that has the potential of making you money. Then research other influencers in this niche and the type of content they post.

Also, visit informative sites and read books to become an expert in your niche. You’ll also have to develop a content strategy and choose the social media channels you’ll focus on.

2. Have a Financial Safety Net

Don’t be fooled into thinking that social media influencers live-off free meals, travels, and clothes. They need to pay bills just like you and me.

Before you quit your job, have a financial safety net to support you until you grow your following. Have a plan on how you’ll pay your day-to-day expenses.

You may also need to have money to grow your brand. For instance, if you’re in the travel niche, you may need to visit and post photos of different destinations to keep your audience engaged.

Alternatively, you can decide to grow your influencer business as a side hustle until your cash flow is enough to support you once you quit your job.

3. Treat It as a Business

Not to discourage you, but becoming an influencer isn’t a quick way to fame or a way to make money fast.

Successful Influencers treat their hustle as a business.

This means that you’ll need to put in continuous work to grow your business. You’ll need to set goals, seek and learn valuable skills, and test viable ways to grow your business.

4. Network

Becoming a successful influencer involves making real connections with others in the industry. This may require you to do more than follow other influencers on social media.

Attend key events related to your industry, be more active in off-site forums and discussions, and reach out to experts in your niche.

In addition to being active online, try to attend as many face-to-face meetings and events in your niche as possible. Meeting others and having real conversations with them will help you make lasting impressions and connections.

5. Get Started

Gutting your job to become an influencer will require you to take a leap of faith. So, don’t keep postponing the decision of getting started.

As long as you have a plan and a vision of what you want to achieve, you’re good to go. Don’t quit, even if your business doesn’t get off to a good start. Keep at it until you make your dream a reality.

Hopefully, now you’re ready to take the plunge and start your influencer journey. Follow the above pointers to get started and make your dream of becoming a successful social media influencer a reality.

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