Influencer marketing is one of the marketing trends that have gained popularity in recent years. In this form of advertising, businesses partner with people of influence, hoping that they will help them promote their products and attract more customers.

918kaya and other casino industry players have also embraced influencer marketing. The good thing about casino influencers is that these are people with interest in casino gaming. Most of them are knowledgeable about casino games, and their content is both informative and fun.

So, shall we look at some popular casino influencers on social media?

1. Brian Christopher Slots

Brian Christopher Slots YouTube channel is a darling to many slot enthusiasts.

His YouTube streams are educational and fun. The videos often show Brian touring casinos worldwide while playing slot games.

Brian, who streams live, often talks to his viewers about responsible gaming.

2. Kelly Stewart

Stewart isn’t your typical girl next door. She is a sports betting influencer knowledgeable on all kinds of sports, including casino games, baseball, football, and basketball.

Stewart runs an Instagram channel @KellyInVegas and has a website by the same name. She advises on how to sign up on different online casinos. The Las Vegas handicapper also works as a sports betting analyst for Barstool Sports.

3. RocknRolla

A well-known influencer on YouTube, RocknRolla’s videos focus on Blackjack, Poker, Slot, and Roulette games. The channel has him playing online casino games as he also openly shares his wins, losses, and online gambling experience. You’ll also find videos of him chatting with his fans.

Just a disclaimer, wear your headphones when watching this influencer streams as there is one too many swear words on this channel.

4. VegasLowRoller

VegasLowRoller is a YouTube casino influencer. This influencer’s content is mainly targeted at newbies looking for tips on how to play different slot and table games.

VegasLowRoller also touches on the various jackpots and themes available on different slot machines. The influencer often uploads live videos of him playing and winning at famous casinos.

5. Cousin Vito Podcast

If you love podcasts, you’ll learn everything you need to know about online casino games from Cousin Vito’s podcasts.

This influencer provides a podcast for her fans every Thursday. She gives tips on having the most fun when playing casino games while also minimizing your losses.

6. Lady Luck HQ

Lady Luck is yet another YouTube channel with excellent tips on how to play different slot games.

Francine and her husband Miran Maric run this family-friendly channel from their home in Atlanta.

Francine, the famous Lady Luck, is the host of the channel, and her larger than life personality has earned her fans from everywhere on the globe.

Although most Lady Luck videos are of her playing online slot games, you’ll also find videos of her playing classic table games.

You can also find Lady Luck on Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram.

7. Vanessa Selbst

This influencer is big on Twitter. She is excellent at poker, and her achievements are proof of her prowess at the game.

As the only woman who has ever been number one in the global poker index, Vanessa is good at what she does. Vanessa is the best if you want to learn lots of tips on winning poker.

Vanessa also often tweets about responsible gaming, which is impressive.

Like other businesses, casinos also use influencers to market their products. The above seven influencers will give you tips on how to play different casino games while also sharing with you the ups and downs of gambling. Let us know which one among them is your favorite.

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